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My Household

Enter information for each member of your household. If household members have distinguishing marks, or special needs, please list them here. This information could be helpful to emergency responders or fellow residents who are trying to help your family in the event of an emergency.

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Special Needs: (ex. diabetic requires insulin; hearing impaired, etc.) Words left: 50

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If you or someone in your household has special needs, it's important to incorporate them into your disaster plans. For planning assistance, contact your local emergency management office to see if your community has a Special Needs Program.

Special Needs & Considerations:

  • Keep 7-14 days of medication on hand.
  • Keep support items in a designated place so they can be found quickly.
  • Include any caretakers in the planning process.
  • Provide the power company with a list of all power-dependent life-support equipment and plan for an alternate power source in advance.
  • Create an adequate emergency food supply for those with special dietary needs.